Filipinos in Rio de Janeiro

Hi.  I am Filipino.  I am visiting Rio first week of October.  I would like to know if there are Filipino organizations in Rio. 

Thank you.

no filipino comunity here very dificult to found pilipino im stay for 2 weeks until now i cant see pilipino

hello where are you in Rio? I'm coming to Rio, can you help me find a room to stay please, thank you

well there is not too much filipino people very few and they r in sao poulo but dont have a special community center for them here, well you are coming to rio for visit or what purpose ? i live in the capital city brasilia if you plan to visit brasilia i can arrange for you the accomudation

yeah take care

ok no problem

Why not meeting Brazilians? Here we are not segregated u can easily befriend with a Brazilian from any race.

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