Hot water

When I arrived and moved I to my apartment last Thurs, I had two days of lovely hot water. Since Saturday,the water has been getting colder and colder until last couple of days where there is now no hot water at all? Can any one explain? help?

Hi, Do you have the "Communal" heating and water system or flat's own heating/boiler system?
If it is the first there may be a break/leak somewhere in the system. Need to report it to your VP-EA ASAP and follow up.
If it is your own heating/boiler system, than check if it is on and or a yellow/red light on, also check if the water pressure is low as well. - Again report it to your VP-EA ASAP to sort out.
Just to remind you and other Newbies that do a complete check of your apartment/flat and list all faults/repairs and get it to your VP-EA urgently to sorted before you sign for "approval"/acceptance.

Thank you, I have been told that we will not get any hot water for a few days as it is not yet 'on'.

I think it is a communal as I do not have a boiler etc.

Depending where you are (city) there will be breaks in the hot water service whilst they get ready for the oncoming winter, often, you will not receive notice of this and you will wake at 0600hrs to shower and find the water freezing cold.

This can continue for up to 7 days at a time and unless you have someone in your block that you can speak with (or NIS person) you will be left guessing.

The city or rayon (suburb) wide central heating for the batterias (radiators) in your apartment should probably be on by early October, although this varies from region to region depending. In Ust-Kamenogorsk, it comes on (or should do) earlier (we are in the coldest region), the western and southern regions tend to be warmer.

I have hot water! I think it was turned back on on Sunday.  Waiting for heating now.