Hello there.

I am new here..im from philippines.i am tourist here in macau.i want to work in beijing china. Do i need to get a visa to go there.thank you

Yes, u need to get a China Visa to get to Beijing.

Thank you sir for that information..may i know where i can apply for it? Thank you.

Any foreigner's jobs here in Guangzhou? Trying to relocate here and am looking for a job.

Hi... I am William and I live in Shanghai.  I am American but I have been in china now for over 5 years.  I have several Phillipean friends.  The answer is yes, you need a visa to go to china.  You can come here on tourist visa and if you get a job then you can change the visa to a work visa through your work company.   If you have problems let me know?  I also know many others in the fillipano groups in china that can maybe help you?

Can you help me sir to find job there in shanghai if i can get my visa?i am also tourist here in macau for two weeks now..
Thank you sir..

Yes... Of course I can help you find a job.  It is usually not difficult to find jobs like working at restaurant?  But I am told by many of my Phillipean friends that getting the visa is difficult?  But sounds like you are already in china (Macau) so you must already have a china visa?

Yes, you need a visa to work in China

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Thank you sir..i just email you a minute ago..thank you sir for concern..

hi,you can find through websites,or ask a friend whose here in MAINLAND,CHINA,.
you can change your tourist visa to working visa first,
Filipinos here are working as,teachers/tutorials,singers,restaurants,etc.
can have a visit here
avoid scamers

I'm pretty sure you need a Chinese visa to enter Beijing (or anywhere in mainland China), even if you are a tourist in Macao right now.

Thank you so much..

48 hour visas are now available at a number of entry points. Sorry don't have time to research the details.

But yes, a visa is needed

Is it ok sir to have the 48 hours visa to enter beijing??
Cause i already have employer there..

Lanie hi, something is very weird. 

If you have an employer he/she can get you a legal work visa. So why all this talk about a tourist visa?

If she can't run a mile because you will be working illegally.

Once i step there in beijing he will process my visa there.
Like here in macau,many filipino go hear holding only tourist visa.then they find work here then their employer will process their working visa..

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Yes you need visa, to avoid trouble you better arrange working visa in advance.
is there any foreigners job in Qingdao , I am looking for job in Qingdao

Lannie: I must agree with Manlin, if you are guaranteed a job once you arrive in Beijing, then all your inquiries into this topic are mute.  Once you arrive in Beijing, you need to get your company to offer you a contract, take this contract to the PSB and apply for a work visa or get your company to do it for you ....should be no problem.  However, I have spoken with a friend of mine who is working at a private English School in Chongqing, and he told me that because of a dispute between the Philippines and China over disputes in the South China Sea, that his company cannot get work visas for Philippians.