I am a 27 year old Kenyan female. beginning next month, i will be taking my MA at Istanbul Ticaret Universitesi.
I am looking to make friends regardless of race, religion, political opinion etc. Friends that would like to explore and hang out once in a while.
Feel free to write to me. Thank you :)

hello! I'm already in Istanbul! I would like to meet new friends :)

Welcome and hope you make some friends here. But beware of the Turkish guys!

Culture differences are something any traveler should be aware of. If you feel humiliated that's your issue, not mine. I am just saying the same thing that me and MANY other foreign women would say. In other countries we have no problem having male friends, however Turkish men seem to not understand the word 'friend' when it comes to us.

If our opinions make us bigots, so be it.  :D

By the way, not sure what black people had to do with it....but sure, if you want to make statements like that America is a free country. Although I'm not sure you can say that in the US because the black people might respond to you. Luckily you're in Turkey where there's freedom of speech (haha, sure!)

Also, if you are asking a Kenyan girl to be her friend it's a silly thing for you to say that because guess what, most Kenyans are black.


BlueJays :


I know many people (especially girls) don't wanna hang out with Turkish people because of some creepy guys bothering them before
but if you want, I can show you around the city. I just want friends to whom I can speak English.

Thanks :)

The funny thing is you said the same thing as me! Haha! So you KNOW what they are like. Stop trying to pretend that you are the one Turkish guy  in 70 million that is 'special' and 'different.' I also see from your posts that you get defensive all the time if anyone has anything critical to say about Turkey. That is a typical regressive way of thinking, if you cannot take criticism it shows your intellectual level. And how can a people grow if they cannot accept criticism? I like the country or else I would not be here. I never said I hate the Turkish people, it's just a shock for many of us to come here and realize how many of them think.

Good luck making friends.

Hey, thanks for writing. I must agree with M-jenk, most Turkish guys are creeps. Rude, pushy, and almost all of them will try to tell a foreign woman that they love her just moments after meeting her, despite her clearly stating she is not interested. they get very agitated and cant take no for an answer...
I am not looking for someone to "show me around" or anything like that, i am no tourist. am just looking for regular normal people who want to make friends, hang out, maybe plan activities together etc.

Hey Lalli! Would you like to pm?

I have written to you!

Be sure to come to our meetup next Saturday if you are here!

hi welcome to istanbul on  next month ,

tell me one u r in istanbul would like to meet you thanks

hi lalli were u live in istanbul i live in asian side and working here would like to meet u on weeknds if you are free


At which place jenk

That's the link to the event

Thanks. No problem, will let you know when am settled in, then we could meet and also meet other expats. Thanks

Nice topic going on , hope you enjoy your stay in Istanbul :)

hey there..Im also a Kenyan out here in Istanbul teaching hit back  if u r interested in making friends.

I will be in Ankara for at least one month. My arrival date is Oct 31st. I will like to make friend

Kenyan Indian always visiting Istanbul... so Habari to all Kenyans in Istanbul
We are currently living in Bulgaria and have a lot happening in Istanbul so if you want to know more drop a line

Main suppliers of Indian Spices and herbs to Istanbul

So see you soon Istanbul

I will be in Istanbul next week for my MBA in Fatih University, and would love to be friends

this is linda from brasil living in istanbul, we can be friend if you want, thx

Hi everyone, I am architect engineer from cairo, Egypt and I am visiting Istanbul on regular basis for my own business and would like if I can attend friends gathering at first week of October, if possible or anyone can write me if suitable for him or her

Hei, Welcome to İstanbul..... It would be nice to socialze and meet you....
What are you up to here?
I am Abdul. Making Textile exporting to Europe.
Love to meet new people, gong to movies, dininig and dancing and I'm a chatty person,
Lets see who you are  ?
Abdul G.

Come on guys........

Dont blame that every Turkish guy is horny or bad....! there are always special ones or as we have an expression saying that all fingers are not the same..... right?

Well, if everything is well with the uy you hanging and your chemy is feeling warm to eachothers than I dont see any problem that guy is approaching to you and trying to get intimicy. unless you dont want it.... If you dont and he still insisting than I can understand you and you can be aware of them or aware when you hunging with them....

Hope you meet nice guy..... But do not forget the GRAVITY.... if you are nice than you met nice people, got it?

Abdul G.

Nice to see so many people coming in for the universities. I also have a couple of friends arriving in October for PhD in Mechanical Engineering (or something like that). PM me if you guys are up for a meeting.

LailaK :

Nice to see so many people coming in for the universities. I also have a couple of friends arriving in October for PhD in Mechanical Engineering (or something like that). PM me if you guys are up for a meeting.

well would be nice to meet.... What are you up to here?

Abdul G.

I would like to make friends in Istanbul too

Jojo.1912 :

I would like to make friends in Istanbul too

So, where are you now? whats your business? studying?

Hello everybody
Welcome to Turkey. ı can help you for every information and ı can teach turkish ..

Hi notron1923 - pls note that you can post an advert in the Language classes in Istanbul section :)


I am Oktay from İstanbul. I try to improve my English.  Maybe we can help each other.  Please send me mesaage when you have time. My emal adress is ***
See you,

Write youre phone number i want to Meet U also

Welcome and I would enjoy some friendship to explore around. I am an artist and teacher here near Kadikoy area and I am always open to meeting new people. I have been living here for a year now!

See you!

Hi! I am Cemre. I want to meet you. We can meet and hang out. Contact me please! my e-mail is '***' See you!

hey there , İ am Asma from Tunisia , presently living in Turkey Ankara, İ also want to meet new friends (expats or Turkish )
Bad to feel alone & alienated .

Hi Linda I am in Istanbul and would love to meet so send me Your number so we can contact each other
See you soon

LailaK :

Nice to see so many people coming in for the universities. I also have a couple of friends arriving in October for PhD in Mechanical Engineering (or something like that). PM me if you guys are up for a meeting.

I AM IN! :)

And I am back on the planet  :up:


Thanks Dildarr  :)

Hi flying in and out of Istanbul and Ankara for breaks cause of my work somewhere in the countryside. I'd like to meet expats and make new friends too  :) 
TaTa  :up:

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