Egyptian incorporating in Delaware

Hello All

I am Egyptian have a website that offer hosting services , my servers hosted by a trusted company in Michigan.
I want add more trust to my website by incorporating ( Inc or LLC  ) in Delaware because of tax treatment benefits, so hope i can get clear explanation of tax treatment for Non American in Delaware.

Also need help with cheap but good virtual office services in Wilmington, Delaware.

Thankxxxx Sooo Much

As a business consultant, I'll say that Delaware is good for incorporating if you own a  LARGE corporation. If you are a smaller business or corporation, look at incorporating in Nevada instead. Lots of information can be found on this topic online. Nevada & Delaware are the only two states that offer that level of anonymity and sheltering. Hope this helps.

Thank you for reply
I heard a lot about Nevada as its incorporation costs, But ido not like to involve in reporting and account holding as its a small business , and want no tax return fillings and that things
Also i am as Egyptian not American , i am not subject to individual taxes right ? only corporate tax if in a taxable state ?