4 Options to Help US Taxpayers with Unreported Foreign Income or Acc't

Many US citizens with foreign financial interests feel stuck. They haven't been reporting all their income and accounts, and now they either have to wait for their foreign banks to report them to the IRS under FATCA, or to report themselves and face stiff penalties.
Aren't there any better options?
In fact, there are. The IRS offers four. bit.ly/USTaxOptions

Also, you can find more information on here : irs.gov/uac/2012-Offshore-Voluntary-Disclosure-Program


And how to make an Offshore Voluntary disclosure: irs.gov/uac/How-to-Make-an-Offshore-Voluntary-Disclosure

Please do not forget the forms for 2013 must be e-filed by 6/30/14, there are no extensions

I have only just found out about this, I have been here on a green card for 5 years (from UK) and paid taxes on time.
I am hoping I don't get fined.
Thanks for the link, I have printed it out.

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