State Sales Tax Holidays

Updated 2014-07-07 12:53

In the United States, some of the individual states started “Sales Tax Holidays” a few years ago.

One of the main objectives of these tax-exempt time periods was to give state sales tax breaks to residents when they purchase specific products, such as clothing. For example, many states have a state sales tax-exempt weekend for back-to-school shopping -- to get discounts on clothing, school supplies, etc.

In most states, the tax holiday only occurs one time per year. In other states, there are different tax-exempt holiday weekends. For example, this year, Florida will have a few state sales tax-exempt weekends -- to help their residents prepare for hurricanes, back-to-school, and to make sure children have the bike and car safety products they need.

Every state's tax holiday is different ' so I recommend researching the dates of your state's tax holiday weekend and which products will be exempt from the state sale tax.

Here are some web sites I found helpful to learn about the tax-exempt weekends in Virginia (one of the fifty states).



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