I am a Pakistani Citizen have got Job offer in Khartoum


I am a Pakistani citizen and have got a job offer in a very large organization of Sudan and the location will be based in Khartoum . However, I am concerned about the (1) SECURITY Issues in Khartoum , is Khartoum a safe place to live with my  family ? .(2) My son is 6 years of age. I am concerned about his education. Are there good International Schools (American / British etc ) available for Pakistani community to get their children admitted in these schools . (3) I am also concerned about the adaptability issues for my family. Are there good number of Pakistani community live in Khartoum so that we may feel good to live in a Pakistani community and we may not feel ourselves isolated there.


Khalid Riaz

hi khalidriaz...
khartoum its so save to live in it with ur family , about education theres some british school in khartoum ur so can get his education at any of them...,,about ur Q3 i dont have any answer but whatever  u can find good frinds and sudanese family ...

Khartoum is safe city, foreigners are always welcomed,  education  available as you mention, there are many Pakistani people in Khartoum , but not as much as Indian, from the first day you and your family will feel as a citizen not foreigner or stranger

hope you found it well in sudan and you are coping very well

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