Start a business in Khartoum for Philippines people

Philippines. Hi all, I would like to start a business in Khartoum for Philippines people, I would like to import all kinds of filipino foods to sell in Khartoum. But I need your reply regarding this matter.

Hi eyadhamdan411,

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What kind of reply are you looking for please? Maybe you are looking for some ideas for setting up that business?

Thank you for enlightening us  :)

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Are you planning to start up a new business at Sudan? :)

@ BK3 > In fact I am a member of the team and i am here to help the members on the forum.  :)



Hi if we need a samples is it posible?


I'am the administrative affairs manager of a multinational company in Khartoum. We are looking to recruit Philippinos as architects, tophographs, civil engineers. While writing with Philippino friends; If you found some of them looking for a job in a construction company; please do nit hesitate to give them my contact. They are all welcome.
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Ergun M. AKCAY

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