Updated 3 years ago

After short tour in the compound, on the day of my arrival to the project location, I quickly grasped and answered to myself, life is confined to T2O - Tent to Tukul to Office to Tent/Tukul to Office, apart from showers and nice pit latrines. (I heard we are lucky enough to have one of the best showers among all project sites in the country.) Though the temperatures shoot up 47oC, generators cool us 24/7.

I learnt telephone network was not compatible to make calls. I was very pleased that I could avoid mobile for a couple of months. But, for communication, all the time, one has to be available on “Radio”/”Handset”. It took time to familiarize me and myself to use this gadget. (Occasionally,still battle!!!)
One has to be permitted, to go to the local market, across the road, hardly two minutes’ walk weekly once or twice at the most; individually one cannot go alone for security reasons as I was learnt. When we visited the market, some children make faces, as if aliens landed from another planet, though they knew very well we live right across the road. Buying is interesting, we-buyer and seller, cannot understand one another. If luck is on our side, passersby quickly chip-in translating, if not, thanks to gestures.
As the days pass by, am going to another place in the compound, play-ground. I got excited to play-valley ball, as I never played back home. Unhappily, it happened only a day, because of limited number of players. Soon, I hope,  it will be in full swing, with the new arrivals.
Nonetheless we eat in the same tukul on daily basis as a routine affair, Wednesdays and Saturdays differ, we all try to eat together, pizzas and goat meat respectively.  My heartfelt thanks to the whole team, they respect my vegetarian eating, make sure, and some veggies are available for me, without fail.
T2O  life is simple,  as choices are limited!!!

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