Would like to create a group of Expats/Foreigner in MANIZALES

Hola, Hello, I'd like to establish a group of expats/foreigners in Manizales, because I've tried looking information but is not available, perhaps because it's a small town, however in my experience I find very necessary to create a group where you can share reliable information, tips for travelers with NO advertising. Have fun and enjoy your stay in Colombia.

Hello _caro_ and welcome to Expat.com  :cheers:

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Help !

I want to support you. Unfortunately, I don't live in Manizales (a beautiful town, with clubs of tango)  but in Santa Marta.

You will have to be patient and to repeat your ad.



Hi Caro, I'm very happy to have found your message, because I've been living in Manizales for a while with that dream: to create an international group of expats. It already exists here the Colombo Americano, the Alliance Française, a Colombo Aleman and a group of Japanese people, but I would like to create an international association in the coffee axis. The purpose would be of course, to share information as you pointed out, for foreigners who need to be orientated in Manizales and its surroundings, and also to create a friendship of people from different countries to talk with each other and share experiences. I don't particularly enjoy staying within an exclusive group of people from my country in Colombia. I do have Colombian friends, but I also miss talking to people from Europe, North America, and other continents and cultures. I think we have a lot to share as expats and it would be nice if all of us from whatever country we come from, could meet together in persons, other than virtually on internet. I've already talked to two people, an american and a french girls, and they told me they are interested by the idea.

I saw you wrote this message about a month ago. Any news since then? Please contact me as the following address: [email protected]

Why not open one on Facebook! That is one place I searched when I first got here. I would love to meet other expats who live here. We are in our 50s, but I know there are some of you younger folks who might get a little homesick wouldn't mind a good Meal and some English conversation once in a while. We live in Palermo. I'll keep my eyes open to see if you ever open a group!

Hi there,
I just arrived in Manizales from the States and will be here for a year. Please let me know if there has been any progress on getting a expat group together. I would like to meet Colombians and expats while I am here and would definitely appreciate any advice on living in Manizales.


Hi. An expat group would be a fantastic idea. I live in Manizales with my Colombian family and it would be great to meet up with other nomads! I am an author and occasional teacher and miss a good chinwag in English or even French or Russian from time to time!

I have lived in Medellin for three years but would like to move to Manizales.  I am planning another visit to your fair city soon and would like to meet other expats who live there.  Are you available to meet with me in early October?  Do you know of any group of expats whom I can also meet?  I am from Seattle Washington, speak decent Spanish and am independent but not a hermit.  Some people even think I am a lot of fun but maybe that is because I have a car and like to explore other parts of Colombia. You can contact me at ***.   I'd be grateful.

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Hello there,
I am new here and thankfully finally discovered this thread: it is exactly the kinf of thing I was looking for. In the end: is there a group or any means of gathering around in Manizales? I would very much appreciate it!

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Definitely interested in a forum about Manizales!

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