Pickleball Players needed

My wife and I have recently relocated here from Washington state.  We are looking for pickleball players.  We have paddles, balls and a portable net.  We play here in San Ramon on basketball and tennis courts.  ahorpel[at]gmail.com or 8369-3087.  Tony and Celeste

Hello thorpel,

You might post an ad here.

Thank you :)

I would very much like to play but I am in San Jose.  I live here but have never played Pickleball here, only when I visit the U.S.  do I get a chance to play.  Anyone out there in San Jose interested???

Hi am a huge Pickleball player from Canada and will be in Tamarindo for 3 months in January.  Do you know of any Pickleball being played close to my area?  Any help you can give me with this would be appreciated.
Many thanks.

Pickleball in January?  You better play it early in the morning, the temps in January are too hot such activities during the day.  You said Tamarindo.... just be careful when vacationing there, as there are more people gone missing in Tamarindo than any other area in Costa Rica, which is a fact you can easily read about on the Internet.  Have a good vacation.  Oops! almost forgot.... Also be ready to pay more for everything in the Tamarindo area.

Hi Edward:
Yes totally understand the heat aspect however thought there might be something indoors. Can you expand please on people going missing.  Have been to Costa Rica twice (Tamarindo area) and have never even heard of people going missing - please tell me what I should be reading up about.

I haven't heard of any 'pickleball' facilities or games being played on the coast, so it is a long way to travel to San Ramon to play...

Go into Google.
Type:  Tamarindo Costa Rica people missing.
Many sites will pop up which cover this situation in Tamarindo.
If you want a url you can write me directly at bejucoman(at) yahoo.com

https://www.google.ca/webhp?sourceid=ch … %20missing

Lots of tourist and residents, both local and those who now call this area 'home' accounted for, in Tamarindo and in other nearby beach areas. Just use the common sense...and don't wander around at night on your own.

Pay no heed to the previous poster.

Edward:  How long have you lived in the Jaco area??  I've lived and travelled all over the world and know about using my common sense with regards to personal safety but if there is something I should know over and above please inform as cannot see anything recent that I should be worried about.

There is a Bermuda triangle in the ocean, there is a Bermuda triangle in Costa Rica which is called Tamarindo.  I don't know the reason for so many disappearances in Tamarindo, all I know is that the location is famous for people going missing "day and night".  I'm not saying their is a serial killer on the loose in Tamarindo, it's just a great mystery why such a high percentage of tourists go missing at that location.  http://missingamericans.ning.com/group/ … ncostarica

You say recent... Most web sites created for missing persons are posted about two years after the person is missing, which the insurance companies and the local police request.  Costa Rica is a safe country compared to say Mexico or Columbia, but there are areas to be avoided.  Our number one rule is to be inside the development after dark, unless we are in town only five minutes away.  The police are normally a group of young underpaid men who are in no hurry to respond to anything, so it's best not to rely on them at any time of the day.  I have been here for four years.  If you want to communicate with me and learn more about Costa Rica please feel free to contact me at bejucoman(at) yahoo.com  https://www.google.ca/search?q=tamarind … d=0CDsQsAQ

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Is there anyone else interested to play Pickleball with thorpel?

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?will be travelling the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Does any play pickle ball in that area

Better play early in the morning at a low humidity altitude, you'd did trying to play pickle ball at sea level in mid day.

Well it's official!  We have a pickle ball club in San Ramon, Costa Rica called Pickleball Costa Rica!  we are also an ambassador to Costa Rica with the USAPA.  this is an open invitation for anyone to come down and visit us and play.  We are also in the process of creating pickleball tours which will be announced soon.  My name is Tony.   You can call me at 509 214 2451.  It's a toll free number.

Hello thorpel,

It would be nice if you could present your club in the Classifieds section- Clubs, associations, volunteers in Costa Rica so that you can get more followers..:)


I would like to play pickleball here in Costa Rica but have struggled to find people interested.  I live in San Jose and I have found a player that also is looking in Santa Ana.  You are about 2 hours from me, he is about 1 1/2 hours away.  If we could find a place in between maybe we could start something.

Looking to play in Lake Arenal area!  Will bring gear and portable net if needed there, Thanks-Ric

When will you get to Lake Arenal?  I want to play!  Great sport!

Looks like January!  We have so many players from the European Union, UK, Australia, SE Asia here in Hua Hin, Thailand even now in low season.  I am going to the States in August and will play there.  Don't want to go into Pickleball withdrawal in CR when I relocate there.

Can I contact you for more info on the Pickleball group in San Ramon?  I think I'd like to write about it on my FB and Twitter.  Never heard of it but if it's free/low cost and fun, I'd love to tell people about it!

If you are coming to play pickleball in La Fortuna in January of '16 by all means you should come to San Ramon and take us on.  We are about 90 minutes from La Fortuna.  We have 3 painted courts in the Santiago community gym and play 4 times a week from 9-11 am.  We have a little over 20 players in our group with 12 that play all the time.  Tony

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Sure, contact me anytime at **************** in CR or Stateside at ***************.  Tony

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Looking to make a visit soon! Up for some games? We currently live in Matapalo and have been missing Pickle ball!

Absolutely! Come on down and visit us. We play four days a week.

I never made it to Costa Rica!  I went back to Thailand.  We have a group of 40-60 in Hua Hin with 3 venues (2 indoors and 1 outdoors) totaling 8 courts.  All pickleball players are welcome to visit anytime.

Having never visited San Ramon before, can you recommend a place to stay that is centrally located? We will be traveling by bus to explore if we would like to move there. And...do you have racquets for visitors to use? Hope to be there in two weeks! Looking forward to meeting your group!

Glad to have you here in San Ramon.  How long do you wish to stay here?  You length of stay would determine where I recommend you stay.  If you are traveling by bus from Guanacaste, I suggest you take Highway 1 south to Puntarenas.  Change buses there bound for San Ramon.  Once you get to San Ramon I can meet you there at the bus station.   Yes we have extra paddles.  Check out our site at www.pickleballcostarica.com and facebook.com/pickleballcostarica.  We play Tues, Thurs, Sat at 8am and Sundays at 2:30p.  You can contact me via email or messaging.  Then I can give you my phone#.  I can't do it on this forum.  Tony

Just moved back fron living in Tennessee. Now living in Alajuela. I Grew up playing tennis and am enthused to start playing pickleball soon. I will be placing a new surface on my parents old tennis court. i have openned a FACEBOOK page called Pura Vida Pickleball. You are welcome to watch and get updates on the remodeling of the court. Please stop by and visit me on your next trip to San Jose.

I'm in La Guacima of Alajuela half a kilometer off the toll road exit of La Guacima.



Hello Tommy,
My name is Mike. I am from Colorado. A friend and I are interested in joining you. I live in the San Jaquin, Belén area. I just started playing and enjoy the game. My friend has played for several years.
I have met some of the people up in San Ramón.
It would be great to be able have a place, closet, to be able to her together and play.

Checking to see if there is any pickleball in San Jose, Arenal or Manuel Antonio?

Do you still have pickleball court

I'm looking to play in CR -- I will be in San Jose on 8/5
Are there any place in San Jose or must I take a bus to San Ramon?

Thanks for any help!


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