Need suggestions in optimized strategy of getting lisence

Dear friends,

Any idea about what are the tips for minimizing the time and money needed for getting a lisence here in al ain?

I don't have a driving lisence in the past and I need to move to Australia in the summer, therefore, I am planning getting one from here. It takes much longer time to get one in australia.

I have learnt that it may take three months and 3000-4000 for everything.

Your advise or comments will be appreciated

Well , it wouldn't take that long , The driving school might take a week , and the driving test for parking/reverse/bridge might take another week and they give you a fixed date for Road test , you can get a closer date by paying Aed 50 . I got my driving license with in a month .

If you already know driving then you can take short term course and pass the test, but if you are starting fresh I would advise better take a contract. It would cost you something about dh4500 for getting a good teacher.

I see, were you starting from rookie?

Maybe the prices were always increasing.....

I heard about this kind of contract, but 4500 for a contract is really ripping off.... I will also think about this option, thanks for the advise

If you have a Gulf License or an American, Canadian etc, you can change them, I guess.