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Does anyone know anything  about car hire? Is it worth it? how much is it etc??  i'm looking at hiring a basic car for a year or is it better just buying a second hand one??


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Just for one year you're better off hiring rather than buying. All you'll need to do is put fuel in the tank and pay your traffic fines, everything else is covered.

You can get a basic 4 door saloon (Mitsi Lancer or similar) for around 2,000 Dhms a month, or less if you commit to a 12 month rental contract.

Try here:

Hi Becky!
Yes you can get a good deal from any good company. I rented a car for only 2 months from tarus rent a car company and they gave me Yaris saloon in 1700 per month, so you can get much better rates as you are hiring for 1 year.. but you will lose around 20k in a year, so I suggest you to buy a used car of the worth of around 25k to 30k example you will get Mitsubishi lancer 2009 or 2010 in this money and after 1 year you can sale it again around 20k to 25k depends on the condition that how you will maintain it..

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i am car trader i think better to buy used car you can get ford fucas 2004 for about 10K also Pejut 2006 for 15K or Chovrlet Epica or avio 2006 for about 15K or you can get Rover 75 2006 for 10K and after use it for one year you can sell it again with neer price so you will not lose at all

Q. How do you tell when a car dealer is lying?

A. His lips are moving


I hire an average car in Al Ain on a monthly basis for 2200 AED per month.

You might be able to get something smaller for about 1900 AED per month. 

My advice would be to hire for the first few months and then decide.

Hope this helps.

for me better if u bought it cos buying secend hand cars sometimes much cheper , it cost around 20 to 25 good one 2006 2005 toyota or nissan , rent a car for year will cost more and anything happen to it u have to pay 1k more , and here in UAE alot of things happen .
( if u get a can in alain what ever happen dont pass 80km ) TIP

In my opinion, its better to buy second hand one rather than hiring car.
Most of hiring car is used and have a lot of problems.

you can buy Toyota car like ( Yaris,Corolla,Camry ). Its cheap and you can sell it easily and you will not lose a lot of money.


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I am also moving to Al Ain from the UK - scary but exciting too!

Just wondered - did you get an international driving permit from the post office or did you get something else?


Naz :)

You are allowed to drive in the UAE on your national license while on a tourist visa. As soon as you apply for a resident visa then you MUST obtain a UAE license.

Licenses from many countries (EU, USA, Australia etc) are transferable to a UAE license without taking a driving test.

Ahh, muchos grazias!!  That's a big help :D

Pudge15 wrote:

Ahh, muchos grazias!!  That's a big help :D

Remind me to brush up on my Spanish next time I'm down the Bristol Road....