What is it like near the Danube in place like Ruse

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Is there anyone on the Forum that lives in/around Ruse that looks like a really nice place to live.

Any information on this area, house prices/things to do/ social life would be much appreciated.

I will come out to BG in the summer to have a look around, it will be nice to hear the views of expats living there.

many thanks


Hi Pam, Lynn and Adrian here and we live in a nice small village just outside Ruse, about 20 km. plenty far enough to go shopping once a week or Dr ( english speaking ).or a meal out. We have been here now just over 12 months and love it. We have british friends we have met over here, so we are not alone. it's worth staying over here if your looking to by and do some touring around to see the area you like before jumping into buying as we have found out, there are bargains to be had.Ruse is a nice city with historic buildings , wonderful parks, modern shops and shopping malls, livley but not overcrowded , and the traffic is a lot less than England on a busy day.wildlife is good with stunning views over the countryside, if you haven't been before there is a culture shock at first , its like going back in time by 50 years or so. but dont let that put you off when you leave the airport and head this way. honest once here and spend time here you would have wished you had of done it sooner.
food is cheap, drink is cheap, even the property tax is cheap, eon electric is on par with the U..K.internet is fast, and we get U.K. tv so you won't miss the soaps.  If there is anything else you want to know just drop us a line. have a safe trip over. Adrian & Lynn..

Hi Lynn and Adrian thank you very much for your reply, this is very informative.  I will come over in August when I have a holiday from work and take a look around.  I think I know what to expect as I've been researching on the internet (i suppose the same as everyone does) I also lived in Turkey in the 90s.  I think that the problem is there are so many nice places to live in Bulgaria it is choosing the right spot for yourself. When I looked at Ruse it seemed to have everything that I liked, If you have any information to add that would help before I come over in August I would appreciate you letting me know.  Many thanks and I hope that you are both having a wonderful time.

Many thanks


Hi Pam,
When we first thought of leaving the U.K. we didn't want to go where the tourists go so the sea side was out as we can go out of season if we wish to, so we got the map out and hit middle diddle, Ruse it was. After finding a good estate agent we picked a few houses out after coming over for 10 days looked at them and went home again, Then back 2 more times and decided to buy when we got home , thought we were doing the right thing , it needed work , quite a lot, so we needed another house to live in while doing the first one up. ( it has not been touched since we brought it ) So now we have 2 houses,
If i knew then what i know now we  wouldn't have brought the first one. but i think everyone who comes here will make a big mistake atleast once. we have a good village and the locals have taken to us , we do have another couple who have been here for 8 years and we meet up for a coffee and beer often. as for hiking there is some wonderful places around this area as we often go out for a stroll to diferent parts , still checking the area out after 14 month here. The paper chace and rubber stamp system is slow but easy if you know where to go, also regestering was easy and always found Bulgarians helpful even if we only speak a little Bulgarian , we get by.
when you come over for your first visit it would be nice to meet up and have a coffee n chat  and show you around Ruse if you like , as we are retired we just take a day at a time, a lot slower pace here and its loverly. Oh yes we are having a wonderful time , you will also. take care, Adrian & Lynn.

Hi Lynn and Adrian,

I've read this thread with interest.  My dad has a boat and is looking to retire somewhere where his pension will go further.  The mooring costs in the Mediterranean are prohibitive in a lot of places.  Ruse sounds lovely and wonder whether it is possible to moor a small yacht there.  Don't suppose you know anything about the marina there?

Also, can you give any idea on the cost of living at all?  (I appreciate this is a big question, but a pointer would help.)

If we do choose your area to investigate, he is likely to visit soon, so if a meet could be extended to him, I know he would appreciate it!


Hi laura, here is a web site that might interest your dad,    port-ruse-bg.com/  Im unsure where abouts the marina is located in Ruse, but there is one on the other side ( Romania side ) as we have seen it from Ruse , not too far from the bridge. will look out for it when im next in town. As for the cost of living here i think your dad and anybody who is looking to move over here will be PLEASED with the cost of living , if you smoke 4.70 lv per pkt = £2.50 ish. parking 1LV . PER HOUR. our water bill for the month was 7.50 LV. electric is on par with the U.K. eating out , meal for 2 , main corse n coffee about 25 LV. fuel is cheaper to. derv 2.50 lv. if you say 400 / 500 lev per month would cover your basic living in Bulgaria. would have no problem meeting up with your dad just let us know when and where . if you have any other questions , just ask and will see if i can sort them out . all the best. Adrian & Lynn.  :D 


I'm moving over to Karamanovo this weekend to a property I bought five years ago. I don't know anyone in the Ruse area yet and would love to get to know and make new friends with any English speakers already there! I'd also appreciate any information/recommendations for builders, garden help etc? All the best, Catie :)

We've been to Ruse and I can tell you it's our favorite city in BG, you can also visit the area and the Roman ruins, you'll love it!


Thanks for your message. I arrived at my property yesterday, it's very overgrown and everything needs so much work! I plan to visit Ruse sometime this week.


Hello Adie and Lynn
I am looking to buy a house in Manastirtsa, do you know the area? Could I survive there without a car, I
have a bike,hoping that will be of help. What any shops and transport? I suppose I should have sussed all of this out online, but so much better to have the opinion of people living in the same area. Is it a safe area?
Best Regards

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