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Hi All, I just moved to Manaus in Aug. 2013. I was living in Toronto Canada for 10 years before I got married and moved here. Its been a struggle so far, still can't speak the language and really trying to get used to the way things are done here. Would be great to meet other expats living here.

Hello JayPP,

Welcome to!

I have created a new topic with your introduction here for more visibility and interaction. ;)

I feel your pain. I used to live there but couldn't tolerate it, so I left. There are other active members on here that will be more than willing to help you. All the best.

Hello Jay,

On behalf of the entire Expat-blog Team it's my great pleasure to welcome a fellow Canuck on board. I guess you're actually a "Leafs" fan though! LOL

I was born in Hamilton and moved to Vancouver when I was 24, lived there for 28 years before coming to Brazil 12 years ago. The first place I lived here was in Manaus, while I miss the folks there I just couldn't handle the intense heat. But, on the bright side you don't have to shovel heat off the driveway!!!

I hope that your participation on the Brazil Forum will be both enjoyable and informative. If there is anything you need to know about the endless challenges of living in Brazil just ask, that's what I'm here for.

I'm sure you'll soon make lots of new friends both on the blog and there in Manaus.

William James Woodward, Expat-blog Experts Team

Thank you Wjwoodward. Yes I am a huge Leafs fan. Which part of Brazil are you living in now? Hoping to meet fellow expats in Manaus soon and actually get adjusted to this place.

Hi Jay,

I'm now living in Macať - RJ, which is about a 3 hour drive north of Rio de Janeiro. It's a coastal city which is Brazil's petroleum capital. Ended up here after living in several Brazilian cities because it's my wife's hometown and she wanted to be back living close to family, since I don't have any family members in Brazil I really understood her loneliness.

I truly hope that you will get to meet some of our members who live in Manaus, I know that they'll help get you started. It's a pretty isolated place, but the locals are quite friendly and receptive. The city centre has lots of interesting places to see and things to do too. The city itself was once a very glorious cultural center during the rubber boom, but it kind of lost most of that with the advent of synthetic rubber.

I still have lots of memories, both wonderful and some quite funny of my time there.


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