How to find a job in Sharm el-Sheikh ?


Are you an expat living in Sharm el-Sheikh? Let's share your experience!

What is the best way to find a job in Sharm el-Sheikh?

The Internet? Please tell us which are the most useful / effective websites for job seekers in Sharm el-Sheikh.

Recruitment agencies? Have you got their contact?

Newspapers? Which ones?


Thanks in advance for your participation :)


Sharm El Sheikh is the Commercial tourist destination in the South Senai Province by the beautiful Red Sea on one side and the empty desert and rocks on the other end where most of the jobs would be related to travel and tourism. In short. Jobs are  associated with Resorts.

There are a lot of resorts and hotels which are spread across the red coast line. These resorts are mostly frequented by the Leisure Segment from Eastern Europe and Italy. And Of course there are tourists from other countries too.

Best way to find the job is to directly applying to the Hotels.
People who can speak many languages like Russian, Italian, French etc would be given preference to work in the field of Guest Relations, Customer Service and Recreation Activities which is called as Animation Department.

There are no recruitment agencies which are officially registered.

Some useful sites are : … -programme

and to find the hotels in the region.. i am sure it's not hard..

Good Luck..


I am a recent graduate and I am looking to take a gap year and move to Sharm to work and live for a year or maybe longer!

I was thinking of probably getting a bar job out there. I met some friends when I went on a recent holiday. What kind of pay would a bar job offer?

Is renting expensive in Sharm? I know it is mostly hotels there, are there flats I could rent out?

Thank you!

If you can get a job in any of the resorts in the area. Then nothing like that since they would take care of your stay on a sharing basis.
Don't know much about the pay scale out there for the job you have been wanting to do.
Sharm is an Expensive Place. It depends on what kind of a life style you want to lead.

Apply directly to the hotels.
Good luck.

I worked in Sharm for 5 months as part of an animation team and had a great time. The work involved leading sports activities for hotel guests during the day such as beach volley ball, aqua aerobics etc and performing in shows as part of the evening entertainment program. I would recommend this kind of work as often you live in the hotel and food is provided. However you do work long hours with only one day off per week. The pay depends on the company you work for and your experience but most start at $350 although I was earning $500 per month which isnt bad for Egypt plus you dont have to pay for food or accommadation.

I applied and was offered several jobs through this site
Good luck

There are a lot of forums on the internet where you can find a job but when I was looking for a job 7 years ago I just looked first what I wanted to do and than I started to send an e-mail to ALL the hotels in Sharm, after 2 days Bingo! I went a short vacation to meet up and discuss the job, salary, accomodation.... and a few weeks later I was in Sharm.

If I would do it again, i would just go for a 14 days vacation and look there for work, it's the best way!

sharm el-sheikh is a very charming place to live in and for work.. how beautiful to live in such a beautiful place..

hey im currently looking for work in sharm. i have been there many times but im only 17 at the moment.
i will be 18 october 2011 and i was wondering if its too early to start applying for jobs, unless they will take on 17 year olds?

hi everybody. the pay is too low and its difficult to find a job in the first place i mean most Egyptians go look for work in other countries. if u r talking seriously my i advice is u should make a hell lot of a search.

By the way i am an Economist

Hope to have helped

I was working in Sharm for six years until having a baby last summer. I was already working in the travel industry when i arrived in sharm in 2004, so my company gave me accommodation, insurance etc. and as i was known in the industry i had a bit of a head start when i was looking for a new position.

For anyone arriving in Sharm looking for work, it will be quite tough. most travel agencies recruit reps in the UK or other home country. But some of the smaller local companies do recruit locally, however be warned the jobs are fought over!

Other jobs suitable for ex-pats are diving centres, guest relations in hotels and hotel management, club promotions and animation. Wages tend to be lower than you'd get at home, and the cost of living is getting higher and higher in Sharm, so you'll never get rich.

One excellent website to look for work or to advertise your availability is There are monthly meetings and events if you are new to the area its a good way of making friends. And the forum will give you lots of info on Sharm.

Good luck job hunting!!

i am trying to get either a guest relation job, or restaurant manager or bar manager or this area, as have had 20 years experience in bar / restaurant management

Hi mandyd0!

You should post an advert in the job section of Sharm el Sheikh classifieds. It might help ;)


Finding a job in Sharm has become increasingly difficult since the revolution. The best way to find work is to hand your CV to all the hotels/buinesses, search the internet - - and tell as many people as possible that your looking for work. I have found that its who you know, not what you know that helps to find work here. The more langueages you speak, the easier it will be to find work.

There seems to be animation work available now in many hotels. Yes its fun but be prepared to work long hours. Its not as easy as it looks!!

Most jobs will give staff accomodation which is usually a shared room in your hotel and most will provide you with food. It is possible to rent apartments here very easily but as the cost of living is so high here - take the staff housing.

As I am posting this I will take the opportunity to add that I am looking for a new job, I currently work Customer Service in a resort. I enjoy my work I just want to work in a better hotel/resort. I am 23 and have been working in Sharm on & off for a year & half. If anyone knows of any suitable vacancies, please let me know.

Happy hunting

hi, all! this website is very helpful, it helped to find work for 3 of my friends..try it
good luck!

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im egyptian and i been working in sharm for over 5 years the best way to find job in sharm that u know someone work there or an agency ,,nothing else work..and after the revolution life is not so good there u should wait

Do all these jobs come with a work permit?

Hi Agnes Job in Sharm,

I would suggest you to register your company in the business directory and do not hesitate to post your jobs offers in the Sharm el-Sheikh jobs section.

Thank you,

To find a job in Egypt, in most cases, you need to know somebody.

Unless you apply for a multinational company, nobody will hire you for your skills or accomplishments, perhaps you will get a job  just because you are a foreigner or the way you look.

Most companies, won't give you a residence permit. You have to work illegally on a tourist visa.

If you are smiled and are serious about working in Egypt apply through or send your cv to the hotel website.

Otherwise try in person hotel by hotel, travel agency by travel agency and try your luck.

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Hello, I am planning to move to Sharm el sheik, I am interested in working in the hotel business. I have excellent people skills as a hostess and or a greeter .  I'm excited about this move. My cell is ++++ thank you for this opportunity

Hi Laurel_schoen1,

Welcome on board :)

If somehow you are still looking for work - We will invite you to please check out the Jobs in Sharm el Sheikh section and to drop your resume in the work sector you feel more comfortable doing :)

Best of luck to you with everything !

Thank you


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