Hello I am Saudi guy looking for job in USA


I am living at my home country well but I love change

and travel so I think If I get job at any respect domain I could helpful and contributing rise the sealing with Arab trading

for Example if I work at American Car company which dealing with Arab Gulf I can contact with costumer by my native Gulf dialect my local people feel more comfortable when thye speak by thier native tong at Saudi or Emarits or Qatar .....

If their any one how can help me or know any one how help me
Email me .... THANKS


Greetings. My suggestion is to review the following links to assist you find a job or a business partner. Keep in mind you will need an appropriate visa to visit the United States if you are from Saudi Arabia.

To find a business parter or job or to advertise your talent I would suggest posting your resume in the jobs section for the US.


You can also get information from this thread to assist you in searching for a job and finding sponshorship.


Good luck.


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