Surfing buddies required

Hi guys I recently brought a board with me and would love to get in the water again gimme a buzz if you keen

Hi JoeZabbs,

Welcome to :)

I suggest you to post an advert in the section sport partners in Nigeria. This might be helpful.

Is surfing one of your hobbies?

Thank you

Hasnaa Team

Yip it is thanks for the help

Hey Joe , don't know if this is bit old but I'm a surfer living in Lekki , looking for buddies, give me a bell.

Hi, unfortunately I'm in the UK now but can give you a heads up on where to go and who to know.
The main surf beach is Tarqwa bay , but it's on the other side of the harbour from main Lagos , so you have to take a ferry boat that goes from Ahmadu Bello way bridge. Just look for the US consulate, along Walter Carrington Crescent, and the boats go from side of there.
Careful the price though . Remember one guy tried to charge us N5000. But our surfer  friend "Mando" pointed us to the boat  guy that he used for only N3000. Then this n5000 guy got in a big argument with Mando about stealing his ride!..ha ..Good times Lagos

Good guy to know is Armando j Abraham  (Mando) a Venezuelan surfer living in Lagos. He will get you good price on the boats.
Mandos number is +2348168950359
He's on fb.
Another main guy is Godpower Pekipuma.  He's the Nigerian surfer on the Utube vids. He's got his own surfing school now at Tarqwa. His number is +2347065825570
He's on fb as Godpower Pekipuma  (GP surf school )
He'll can sort you for boards , lessons ,whatever. .
A tip when you jump off the boat at Tarqwa with your own board , a million and one guys ,and his son, will  try to grab your board to carry  it for you, then charge you.  So hang on to it.

The waves are pumping at the moment in August as it's the season. If you come in December it may be a bit flatter at Tarqwa  , but then the guys go on the exposed seaward  side called Lighthouse,  and Lighthouse Left near the groin. The guys will show you.

Cheers mate   .

Anything you can get hold of " surf equipment " wise , take with you. THEY NEED IT!!  when I was living in Lagos I had to go down to South Africa to even buy a board and they are still short on boards , afraid to break them cos have no replacements. So for yourself and them , leashes, wax,fins, everything take WIT U!
Least you won't need a wetsuit . BOARD SHORTS ALL YEAR ROUND MAN!!!

Good advice Joe. Hope you are enjoying the UK.
Tarwka is easy to get to in the City. Most of those guys you meet on the beach are helpful if you need to chill out after a surf they will look after you for not a lot of money.
Don't expect clean water and take care with some of the guys who say they can surf.
Better go there first without your surf board keep a low profile.
They will point you in the right direction for other trips but my advice is pay for a local guide if you go anywhere outside the City.
Bring as much gear as you can with you and pay $5 or so to get a board through the airport. Probably a bit late now.

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