Cash flow game

I and my colleagues are organizing Robert Kiyosaki's famous Cash Flow game and i have a few free tickets for friends who would like to attend.

it holds at Silver hall No 7 olufumilola okikiolu off toyin street ikeja lagos by 10am - 2pm on 16th august (this saturday)

Learning doesn't take place only in the classroom and it is said that what you learn while having fun, you never forget.
please indicate your interest here or send your email address.

picture of the game

Hello Gold45

I invite you to also place an advert in our Events, Activities, Leisure in Nigeria section so as to better spread the word.

Kenjee Team

@Gold45 hi gold I know I'm late but I'm a 21 year old that is curious and willing to gain financial literacy , I would love to play the cash flow game and I don't mind buying the set , if  you still have it ?

thank you so much for your time.

Hello Madike Obianuju,

Welcome !

I don't know whether you will get a reply. It's been a while since he last connected.



@Madike Obianuju

Are you in Lagos?

@Gold45 yes I'm .thank you for replying

I am also in Lagos and I live on the mainland.

If you can buy the game, I'll be willing to play with you and also do some explanation so you can get the hang of it. I've lost contact with the owner of the game boards we used back then.

Also you can try to download rat race or monopoly or even cash flow game online, they're also very good and similar to the board game and the only difference will be the human interaction.

Oh my goodness thank you so much ! I would love to buy the game but I've not seen any supplier but already saving up for one! Thank you so much for this information

There are a lot of sellers on ebay and Amazon selling for $95 minus shipping (price could be higher or lower depending on the vendor).

Make sure you check for reviews before you pay and use a dollar card (you can get one from the bank or use a virtual card provider).

There's a store at ikeja where they sell if you'd rather buy offline but it's 165k. I can give you the directions.