Hi everyone! i am very new in this site and i would like to know some information.

I am would like to know how much is  the salary of an interpreter in Albania.

Looking forward to hear from you, and will be able to help me in this.


where are You from?
According to your question, it depends on words and pages and also important is the fact for whom You are translating.

If it is an American or European company or firm they estimate the work according to their standards and they pay very good.

Hi I am currently base in Qatar.

We are looking into consideration in hiring translator in Albania

If in case full time basis, how much is the salary range and what are other benefits that they enjoy.

Looking forward to know more about the Albanian Translator Career. Thanks in advance for your inputs.


it depends what kind of business you have. Pro month you can pay 500 Euro. This is a middle payment in Albania.Translating is not so easy.
I have translated, English-Albanian,German- Albanian and conversely sometimes English-German and I earned very good.