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Hello everybody! I am a software engineer and have an experience of 2 years and 7 months in software manual testing. I am interested to work here in this country as a full time employee. Can somebody help me for the same?
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Good luck :)

Let me try! Thank you so much :)

Albania is the poorest country of Europe, with not a lot developped and international companies... Also, English language is not very spoken...

I think you need  some further education when it comes to albania.
1) English language is well spoken by majority of the albanian youth. Why? Because is compulsory at school :). We also speak very well Italian as a third language and also Greek language.  So yes..we sound like bilingual people but we do not show off.
2) Albania is not the poorest nation in europe. Vise versa. We have the largest oil reserves in europe. We have an amasing costline which brings milions of tourst year by year. Etc.etc.Our problem is with corruption and very negative politicians. So yes we are one of the most corrupted countries in the Europe after Romania and Bulgaria. We can be a small Swisserland in balkan if we hang our politicians and replace them with the righteous ones...but this unfortunately looks like a distant dream. 
That's all for now. If you want to test the albanian English skills pay a visit to Tirana and indulge in the conversation with any may find our that some of them will speak English better then yourself.

Thank you so much for the information :)

Purabi Ellis
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