Buying land

Hello guys,
I am looking to buy land in the south of Gabon. Im looking for something that is near the beach, and it can perfectly well be far away from Libreville, it does not have to have a connection to a road, does not have to be urbanized. Only a strip of beach and a good land mass to cultivate. I am thinking of something like 50 hectares. I would occupy it, build a house, and give it agricultural and tourism use. Do you know who would I have to contact about this? Keep in mind I'm offering to connect some of the land to the already existing roads. Is it possible to buy cheap land directly from the government?  Any estimated prices on not urbanized land?  Maybe near lake mandje or maybe even near Mayumba national park.
Thanks in advance :P

Hi nmiquel,

I suggest you post an advert in the Land for sale in Gabon please :)

Thank you


@nmiquel did u managed to find land near the beach  for sale?

I'm looking for the same... can u help out with some advice and maybe places to look online..

Thanks for your help

Hello Ivandro1,

It's been 9 years already since the OP last logged in. I am afraid you won't get a response from him.

Please open a new thread on the Gabon forum should you have questions. Active members might help out.

Thanks in advance,