Every one is so welcoming here

I am really looking forward to coming to Kazakstan in the coming months. Everyone is so supportive here.

Is there anyone who has moved from the London area and can give me some advice about bringing my personal effects. I have a computer to bring plus clothes etc. What else do you suggest I bring?

I was also looking at the use of mobile phones today. Am I right to think that I can only get an International Sim?

No, no, you can buy local sim card, it is absolutely no problem. Beeline, Kcell or Tele2..

But I am more than sure that your Kazakhstani employer will provide you the corporate sim card, so you don't have to worry about it.

Bring basic medicine you used to take in the UK, cause here in Pharmacies people will get confused with International names of some specific medicines (even for headache we have our own).

May be a bit silly to mention this:)), but don't forget to bring this ... how to say.. adapter thing, which is used for electronic devices, that will switch the plug from UK standard into international.