Looking for any Trinidadian in Kazakhstan

Hello I just move from Houston and I am Trinidadian looking for any Trinidadian in Kazakhstan

@Sunset2013 Hi, yeah I'm still living in Almaty. So you a Trini too? Wow! What brought you to Kaz? I like it here in Almaty. My wife is a local Russian and we have a lovely daughter. (Email k_saleem@hotmail.com)

Yes trini lol, we move for work my husband  work with TCO on a project we live in Atyrau. We got 4 kids 1 daughter 8 and 3 sons

Hi Sunset2013,

I have created a new thread with your post on the Kazakhstan forum for more visibility. :)

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Hi I am a fellow Trini and I will be traveling to Atyrau and Almaty in August 2017 on business and I am looking for any Trinis that are there.