Jobs in automobile industry

pl suggest job opportunities in the best automobile industry at the moment in india.

please suggest / advise to settle in Singapore....and opportunities in automobile industry reg..

Automotive industry is a very attractive arena for Job Seekers. And If you are looking for jobs in automotive industry try by Roundone. It is a really interesting platform,check it out.

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We are looking for Expat Hiring for our organization , we are also looking expat from German or any other European country , required details as below , please do let me know if you have any suitable information /candidates .

We are looking for exposure in Commercial Vehicles (CV)
segment which means transport vehicles and buses. All three light, medium and heavy commercial vehicles
with particular focus on Heavy.                                                                                                                                                                         
2.    Specific focus must be in diesel engines. Diesel engines have hundreds of components and parts.
Therefore our requirement is one particular set of components called “ VALVE TRAIN COMPONENTS”
which comprises of  Push Rods, Rocker arms, Rocker shafts, Rocker Assemblies with Engine breaking System,
Hydraulic Lash Adjuster, Sheet metal Rocker arm, Rollers and pins and Hydraulic lifter valves/ Tappets.
3.    The core competence should be understanding customer's requirements and developing the above
components in-house meeting euro – 5 & 6 standards  and coaching team of young engineers.
Should have good knowledge on Machines and Machine suppliers  and manufacturing lay-out.
4.    General management and project management is required but not so much as mentioned in
point No.3 above.
5.    The guy not necessarily be a German. You can look from any other  European country

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