chiropractor in Port Moresby

hi, did my back in, and in a lot of pain, does any one know if there is a chiropractor in Port Moresby PNG

Yes in Port Moresby, will find out a ph number & post later today,

The Chiropractor is Dermot O'Brian ph 3258466   Good Luck

Is there a mobile chiropractor who is able to visit the camp sites in Port Morseby after they knock off from work? To be more specific, what times does Dr Dermot work? Is he also mobile?

Not that I know of, give him a call.

hi I personally know Dr Dermot O'Brien.  He is based in Port Moresby, PNG and can be contacted on the number provided 325 8466.

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Could you please recommend this doctor in our business directory so that other members can benefit from its contact infos in the future?

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That would be so nice of you :top:



Whats the fee

@Jujuz how much he charge.. I need a back adjustment..

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