Top Ten companies/employers in DRC?

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I am writing a post graduate paper on companies in Africa and their diversity.

Can you give me your ideas of who you rate as the top ten companies in DRC? I have heard BAT, Coca Cola and Vodacom mentioned as the best employers in the country are these the only ones? If you think there are top organisations operating DRC could you say why?

I have heard there are some great and not so great ones!

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hey it a great pleasure o read from you and to see how you are interested in our contry the company names ares; congo future, bralima sprl ,bracongo , shani metal, biac.rawbank,orange telecom etc ......

-    Mining sector: Tenke Fungurume Mining, Banro, Gecamines, Mutanda Mining, KMC, Kibali Gold, Ashanti Gold are the major one.
-    Telecommunication sector: Airtel, Vodacom, Orange, Africell are the mobile operator in DRC.
-    Banking sector: Rawbank, BCDC, Ecobank, Equity Bank, Citibank, Standard Bank, FNB Bank, are the major bank even if we have more than 20 banks in DRC.
-    General business: Shoprite, Hasson Africa, Beltexco, Nestle are some big player in the General business.
-    Transportation sector: KMC, TransCo, Congo Airways, fly CAA
-    Manufacturing sector: Congo Futur, PPC Barnet, Lucky Cement, etc.

Good luck with your paper!

I am a graduate in Civil Engineering. Is it easy to find a job in the Construction Industry. Which are the major Companies.


Hi, I'm looking for information on "Top 10 Companies in the Democratic Republic of Congo" and "Top 10 Richest People List". Because after google and seeing your question, I am also interested.

If it is convenient for you, you want to know the progress or results of your research; or we can also do some information exchange.


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Thx, appreciate ur suggestion! will do.