Congolese Expat from Kenya back in Kinshasa

So I just moved to Kinshasa from kenya where I have been based all my life .Setting a startup business in transport .Taxi "Tembesha" is first ever cabsharing app in the DRC .Being a Congolese with little or no knowledge of my new environment ,setting up a business can be really challenging .So anyone interested in connecting to partner with this startup Is welcome to contact me .I am also in need of a job that can get me on the ground ..I am graduate in Computer science ,Forensics and Cybercrime major for United States International University -Africa .Polyglotte (English ,French ,Swahili ,Russia and some Spanish ).Experience working with NGO of development mainly in capacity building and governance .I believe I am an all round individual ..

are you wining?

Yes I am this stage

Great...never heard of these Taxi.  Personalised taxi is a great idea in Kinshasa in absence of Uber and Taxify. Would be interesting to hear more.

Good evening, Hi?

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