How to build up a small business in Kinshasa?

Hi there,

I am a student in Germany and currently starting a social project with a group of people. In this project, we are trying to help a man who emigrated from Congo to Germany many years ago and who now wants to go back to his country. His plan is to start a little business in Kinshasa: Selling fries or ice cream or opening up a bakery for example. Now we are trying to help him with the research needed for this project. It would be great if some of you who know Kinshasa could provide us some information concerning our main questions:

- How realistic is the idea of successfully selling ice cream, fries or pastries in Kinshasa? Would there be a demand for these things? And if yes, which of the three would probably work the best?
- How are the possibilities of getting kitchen equipment and the necessary machines in Kinshasa? Are there such things as big furniture stores in the city?

I would be really thankful for any information or tipps that give me a better picture of the situation in Kinshasa.

Many thanks it advance!

There is a local policy and business permits requirements, you should undergo of all their required assessments. I would suggest, that prior to everything, you must secure the catchy and unique or brand name to use. Try this one for some tips,

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