Arrive in Melbourne accomodation


Im currently awaiting the result of my visa application, so while this is going on i`ve been conducting alot of my research.

Having decided on Melbourne the biggest thing i`m struggling with is the idea of how to settle on finding somewhere to live - with renting being my prefered option.

From what I can see it can be a bit of a ball ache to rent somewhere out, with potential tenants needing amongst a number of things previous landlords references, but having owned my own property I will not have these.

My thoughts are is it best to have pre-arranged short term accomodation for say 1-2 weeks pre-booked and then look for somewhere to rent then, or try and secure somewhere before arriving.

Anyone who has had previous experiance with this I would love to know your thoughts.



My wife and are relocating to Melbourne on 18/4/2010 from Atlanta, GA.  My company has put us up for two weeks in the Clarion Suites in downtown Melbourne.  The accommodations appear nice and we will be there for two weeks while we search for something to move into permanently.

Not sure of the costs though,

Hope that at least provides you with an option.



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