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Hello Everybody!

I am a Hungarian girl, I live in Madrid for 3 years now where I am working as a commercial, but from October my boyfriend gets relocated to Izmir and I am moving with him. That is why I thank any advice regarding the everyday life, traveling and WORKING. Because I need to find a job, possibly international field (Spanish and English written and spoken high level)or child care/baby sitting, basically any honored job is welcome. If you have any hints how can I apply for a job frmo distance or pages where to look for I would be grateful. Thanks in advance for your answers.:)


Hello Zsofi.

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A new thread has been created from your message on the Izmir forum.

Concerning the job search, you can post an advert in the Jobs in Izmir section. It could be useful.

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Hello Aurelie,

sorry for tha late answer, I have just read your message. Thanks for the advice, I am going to go through that blog again. Have a nice day!


i advise contacting the so called "spanish culture organization in izmir", possibly you may find a position as a spanish teacher?


MAİL: ispanyolkulturdernegi[at]
TEL : +90(232) 489 66 66 – 425 77 77

Thank you Yalin for the hint...and you looked up email and phone, thank you so much :) I am going to contact them for sure .
How do you know about them? Spanish speaker as well??! :) is the best web site for job applications

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