Recommended ways to tour Phu Quoc Island?

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What would you recommend a first-time visitor for getting around the island for an overall tour?

When I was there, we found a friendly cabbie, asked him about renting him out for the day. He called back to his dispatcher, and the company gave him the ok. We agreed to 600k, and he took us around, stopping in to a few places, making it as far as Bai Sao (Star Beach).

I spent 2 days in Phu Quoc at christmas with my wife and we mostly spent our time on a scooter! :)
It's really nice to ride over there! Especially if you like the desert tracks accross the forest! The island is not huge so, you can really see most of it in 3 days with some resting time on desert beaches...

I am an elderly (77) American living on a pension. I am  looking for a place to stay long term and call home. I have  been renting by the month and have paid in advance no more  than a $1,000 each month.

I have been living in a bungalow (Villa) next to the ocean in Amed  Bali Indonesia which is very good and I like it, but after 6 months I have  to leave on Aug 20 to Thailand because of impossible immigration rules and procedures in Indonesia.

But I maybe able to get a social six months visa:
With Bobby's help and help from his agent in Singapore I may get a six month social visa. The tour of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia which was to look for alternatives now may become a nice tourist trip around SE Asia from August 22 to September 22. I can leave my big bag in Bali and travel light.

I get a  lower rate because I become a resident. I like bungalows or villas on the beach, a pool is nice, E-mail me at  wiredbrain[at]

I am long term resident so I pay by the month - so the first month  would be from Sept 19th and 30 days would be until Oct 18th - I  will pay in advance or put down a deposit. I am also trying  to find the bus to Sihanoukville Cambodia Sept 19th 2013  from SGN Saigon or south Vietnam since there is no airplane. 

I should state that I don't feel like climbing stairs. I am looking for a large room 30イ meters with a nice balcony, a Superior or  Deluxe AC Bungalow is desirable. I can hope to have a magnificent sea view, at least one  good size-bed, Air  Conditioning, hot & cold water shower,  WiFi, minibar or  fridge, a backup generator, quiet and peaceful, with a helpful and friendly staff; like all that I have now in Bali for a little under $1,000.

So what is the price for Sept 19 to Oct 18 ?

I will be in Thailand on Aug 20 with a hotel until the 25th of August, the Rambuttri Village Plaza and I am looking for a place from the 25th of August until  Sept 4, two weeks in Thailand.

I go to Vietnam Sept 4th SGN and have a hotel there until the  9th at the Signature Saigon Hotel . I am looking for a place to stay, long term. Two weeks in Vietnam.
The Island of Phu Quoc Island Hotels, Discount Hotels in Phuquoc Vietnam: Phu Quoc Resort looks nice, and cheap. phuquocparisbeach

I have a small pension and want to find a nice place I can afford to live. Then on to Cambodia September 14th, Sihanoukville, Cambodia; two weeks in Cambodia
then to Singapore for the visa and finally return to Bali on September 22nd.

I left the country (USA) Jan 15 2013 for Bali,  I am 77,   recently divorced, a retired professor. I have been 30 years   in New Smyrna Beach FL with my now X-wife in a $500,000 house I paid for thus have a settlement. I have good character: a professor at leading universities with degrees from the University of Chicago (BA), Harvard (Ed M), FSU (PhD). I have been a high level federal employee   with security clearances.

Dr. Peter E. Pflaum, GlobalVillages
Villas Amed (Bobby's Villas) bobbyartana[at]
Bali Jl. Raya Amed, Karangasem, 80361 Indonesia
in Amed Beach Jemeluk

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