getting work in drc

it is not easy to get a good job in drc but be a very strong  worker

Hi joseph elembe,

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Could you please introduce yourself and tell us how can we help you?

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my name is joseph ELEMBE,
i'm from democratic republic of congo
i'm living from kinshasa province and i'm contacting on 002436759493 or [email protected]
i'm single and i'm computer scientist
i have a lot of experience in telecommunication area more than four year and for now i'm english and computer science.

for now i'm searching jobs in namibian for while i hope to stay there.

so i'm looking for news first for namibian life , to have some one who can help me to get invitation

i hope that i'm clear.

do not hesitate to let me know if you have a question about me subjet

best regards,
joseph elembe

Hello Joseph. :)

You are on the Democratic Republic of Congo forum.
If you are looking informations on Namibia, I invite you to start a new thread on the Namibia forum.

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