How to introduce my Clothing Line into the Congolese Fashion Market

Hello Everyone,

I own a new Garment Manufacturing factory in Accra, Ghana and I am considering selling my products ( mainly office wears like male & female suits, shirts, dresses, casual wears, boxers, pyjamas  e.t.c) to boutiques & retail clothing stores in the cities of the Republic of Congo.

Is there anyone with information on how I can connect to prospective wholesale buyers in Congo?

Or better still, what advice can you give me on  how  I can introduce my products into the Congolese market? Can you also help me with average market  prices of men and women suits, long & short shirts e.t.c  in the country.

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Hello Lsmile.

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Hope you'll get some useful informations soon.

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Hi Lsmile,
kindly share your contact detail, probably we both can do good in congo.

Good day

I wouldlike to know how do I expand my garment range into the the DRC or Central Africa. My maain range is Bullet proof vests, but my other lines consist of African fashion. I would appreciate your kind help.

Blessings Alexis

You have to advertise!