How far are you from the Lake?

How far are you from the Lake?
I found a realtor that has a property near Panajachel for about $400.00 a month. I am going to try and stay near the lake for about a month near the end of October. So any information you can give me would be great.
I did not know they had Applebee's and Walmart there! That must be in the big city, I can't imagine seeing anything like that further out.
I am into cameras and computers, so it might be difficult to totally adjust to a radically different environment, but that is why I am going, to see what I can make of it.

Thanks for any help.

OK, how safe is the place you are renting? I just got a quote for an apartment for $400.00 a month!!!! Although I will be staying for only one month in October/November, I still can't imagine the cost being ten times the rate you are paying!!!

I was looking at being near the Lake Atitlan. If you know how I can find a better deal it would be nice to know!
Still, $36.00 "American dollars" a month. It is possible that he was quoting me in their money, which would be $400.00 divided by eight, which would be about $50.00 American Dollars a month.
But I will have to confirm that. It was for a two bedroom one bath with some security.
Let me know what you think.

steve, could be the difference between staying in a tourist area and in the city, I'm not sure. let's see what he has to say :)


Hi Steve,

As you were off topic on the other discussion, I have created a new topic as from your post on the Guatemala forum.

Thank you.

Hi, I don't know what "off topic" means, as I am inquiring about everything to do with visiting and/or "Living" down there.
I have a friend that visited for a week and said I should check it out, so that's what I am going to do.
I did have a rough trip to Pelada, Columbia back in 1999 and was lucky to get out alive, so my paranoia is not totally unjustified.
  But , I do appreciate any help or direction you can give me.

Thanks Steve Baruday

I have no clue why Christine thinks this is off topic lol steve is talking about Lake Atitlan! Wow. I for one don't like my posts hijacked and moved.... bummer.


You're right. I was talking about Lake Atitlan, and I don't know what she meant either. I just let it go as a boo-boo.

Hi Steve,
I'm only 6 meters from the lake.. hard to bit...

Just to clarify I am scifisteve55, and scifisteve59(updated age) and just Steve. I have a site on you-tube under "scifisteve55", so I tend to use that a lot so people can see my pictures and work, and of course, it has been up for about four years--hence the name.
I know the lake is constantly rising because of the clogged lake-bed. Being so close to its edge, are you concerned that you will get flooded out soon?

Hey Steve: Great question! I never thought of the lake rising that much.... I am looking forward to what Armand has to say about THAT one! :)


Well I'm 6 mts vertical high from the current lake level and according the old fishermen of the village my house should be fine.. The increase of the lake has been recent and brutal.. 5 mts in 3 years... but there is no way to know if it is the trend , if it is a meteorological accident.. Times will say

Might be time to jack that house up a few meters Armand!!! Wow!


it is the plan.. the house can be taken a part and moved up...

Wow, really? I was just joking! But i think you are on the right track there -- no reason to wait until you are knee deep in the lake to start this job! Best of luck with it my friend!


Yes, the down side is the lake is rising! And I guess there is no way of knowing what it will do next.
The good news? The fish are closer to the house! Of, course i am assuming that the lake has eatable fish!

Does anyone swim or snorkel in the lake? Just how clear is it? I am assuming it is a fresh water, but because of the location of the volcanoes are there any dangerous chemicals in the lake?
  I read somewhere that you can rent jet-skis there, but that doesn't mean much, cause you can boat on the Dead Sea as well!

How far is Lake Atitlan from Antigua?


I am five feet or so closer to the lake than I was three weeks ago, sigh. Hurricane Barbara is dumping a lot of water.

It's about a two and a half hour shuttle ride from Antigua to San Pedro or longer, depending on road conditions and construction.

Unfortunately, there was recently a new report of cyano-bacteria in the lake. Contamination comes from chemical fertilizers running off the mountains and other unsavory materials dumped in the lake from as far as Sololá.

five feet closer in three weeks?! Oh my! Time to rethink location perhaps??


Actually, most of that´s been in the past week, now that I think about it.

Oh girl! That's crazy. What are you going to do?

I am driving down on July 1st from Seattle, so I assume I'll be in the rainy season once I hit central Mexico....


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