Expat meet ups in haarlem?

Hi my names Alex and I've moved to Haarlem from England with my girlfriend in the hope of staying out here to live and work. Just wondering if anyone knows of any expat meet ups held around the haarlem area so we can meet other people who have also moved out here.

About me - I'm a web developer by trade who loves to play drums in my spare time. So if anyone knows of any web developer jobs or bands looking for drummers please let me know.

My girlfriend Hannah - Is a seamstresses by trade also looking for work.

Hi Alex !

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Hi -Alex. I am asking the same questions to myself....moved to haarlem few months ago. I am also expat working for a multinational in schiphol... Wanting to meet people ....so how do we get a group of haarlem expats n meet?   I am single / no kids looking for similar couples ...

I am an entusiasthic Spanish girl that arreived in Harlem and i would like meet with people!!

Nice to meet you!!

Hi there good to meet you.  I live in the center of haarle why not meet up for a coffee this Saturday or Sunday morning if you are around all the best nese

Hi Alex,

Don't know if you still need it, but:
The best place to look for meet ups would probably be meetup.com/find/. You can search within a specific radius of Haarlem, depending on how far you want to travel. It's possible to combine this search with interests as well (or just type in expat). Then again, you can also meet up with people on this blog ;-)

About the rest: web development is a difficult market at the moment. I hope you've found something already. Amsterdam is your best shot anyway, cause most web dev. jobs are there. Haarlem has them too, but they're very scarce. Might be smart to pop by some job centres in Haarlem/Amsterdam (if you haven't done that already).  Don't know much about seamstresses around here.

Good luck to you both!

Hey, I know this thread is a bit old but we have just moved here from London & I'm starting to get a bit worried that we'll never meet anyone!

My bf works in Schiphol-Rijk as an engineer, I work from home as a writer. We've just moved to the centre of Haarlem. We're loving the town, but it's a bit strange not knowing anyone!

Anyone want to meet up? (couples or females especially)


Hi Sam,

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Feel free to start a new thread on the Haarlem Forum with all your questions or you can even browse through the discussion on the forum and post friendly message.. this might help to get in touch with some members and maybe make friends :)

Best wishes

Thank you

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Sun shines!

Lets meet up guys!

Coffee of mojito?? Hmm te first one is much easier to find...

Woodstock beach club would be a perfect place to be!

Im in!


UP  :up: