Any expat group meeting in Haarlem or Amsterdam?

Hello, My name is Cristina, from Spain and living in Haarlem.

I was wondering if some of you (expats) are meeting as a group  sometimes for a coffee or a beer in Amsterdam or Haarlem. If so, I would like to join!


We have expat events at FOUR RIVER in Haarlem - on the Nieuwe Groenmarkt 2 - come along, meet other expats, try our doctor fish and relaxing music.

Hello Cristina,

You can organise an meet up in Haarlem. ;)


Hi Four River,

Just to remind you that free advertisement is not allowed on the forum. Thank you.

Hi you can always past by for a drink we are open from Monday to Saturday. 12 to 8

see you soon

Hi Cristina,

I'm another expat living in Haarlem. If you want to meet to have a coffee or anything else, let me know :)


Hi everyone,
I am also moving to Haarlem in July and would love to get to know new people and meet up for a beer or coffee! So if you are interested, we could arrange something!

Hey all,

I am also new in Netherland as well,I am looking for new friends to watch the Eurocup but apart from that, I would like to explore Netherland with a group of people, I live in Amsterdam but I don't mind to go to Harleen, in fact that is a place where I would like to move on next year because I have friends who says very good things of Harleen :)

Take care,


Hi everybody,

I arrived two weeks ago to Netherland and I donŽt know anyone here yet. This monday IŽm moving to Haarlem and I would like to meet people to take a beer or something. If you are also interested you can contact me.

take care,


Hi Ivan,

I'll be travelling for owrk all next week but by the end of the month I'll be around if you want.
Let meknow if it's ok with you.

Hi Noelia,

the last weekend of June IŽm coming back to Spain, but if you are during the week in Haarlem let me know and we can see each other.

see you soon.

Hi everyone,
it seems that we are actually a lot more expats in Haarlem than I expected.. ;-) So what do you guys think of arranging a meeting for a beer or coffee or whatever let's say at the beginning of July?

great idea anne!! I'm in!!

Hi everybody!!
I'm new in Haarlem too, my name is Inés, if somebody want drink a coffee or a beer to meet up tomorrow or this week it could be perfect!

Hey Ines,

I am planning to visit Harlem on saturday, wanna have beer or coffee?


Ok Borja! My email is:, send me your telephone number and we can stay in touch, im available to meet up on saturday!

I am moving to Haarlem at the start of july also!
would love to meet for coffe and chat, perhaps we can arrange something for everybody

I, I'm in Amsterdam! If some people are up to a drink. maybe for the game against spain.


IŽll be this weekend in Haarlem, if someone wants to take something, this is my email , we can keep in contact.

Who would like to meet up this weekend in Haarlem, for a coffee or perhaps a beer or so. Saturday at maybe 1pm or so we can meet at Vroom & Dreesmann building, let me know if you are interested in joining us!

Hi I am new in Haarlem, are you organizing some meetups? What about a drink this weekend?

Hi Roberta, Welcome to Haarlem :)
Yes, would love to organise a meetup, there is one other fellow on here who is new to Haarlem also who I have spoken with, maybe we can meet up at the weekend for a drink and discuss.
Ill send you my number in pm

Hi there,
I would also love to join for drinks this weekend! So let me know if you have something planned!

Hallo Anne,
Your welcome to join us all, Ill send you my number in pm now, probably, I am thinking Saturday afternoon perhaps we can all meet somewhere familiar. Should be interesting anyway :)

Hi Anne, great!
later in this week we can arrange a place and hour for Saturday or Sunday.

Hey everyone!

Its looking like we are meeting up this Saturday 25th August, time to be confirmed, at the Jopenkerk!

Roughly 4/5 of us so far in total i think, so bring your friends!!
All are welcome, see you then hopefully.

Hey everyone, we are meeting up later at 4pm at jopenkerk for a beer.
hope to see you there!

Hi guys!!! I'm another expat in Haarlem, I arrived the 5th september and I'm eager to meat new people, hope to meet u soon.

Hi Yunuef! we can meet with us (some spanish people) next weekend, we work and between de week is difficult.... my personal email is:

See u soon!

hello i am asier i living in haarlem now, i working as a chef...and i looking to somebody to drink some cañas and learn duch