Looking for friends Holland xx

I am who I am. I'm pretty normal. I'm not perfect. I run into things, I trip, I spill food, I say stupid things. But that's just me. ♥ i'm looking for girls as friends (not men)

only girls sorry

HEy Anitapuska,
would you be interested in spilling food and saying stupid things together sometime? I am almost 27, a bit crazy, a bit lazy and a bit weird. Totally addicted to coffee and interested in finding new friends (recently moved to Haarlem). If you are interested in getting in touch, email me! ;)


My name is Claire. I am an ex pat Aussie living in the Netherlands. I also am a bit weird, definately say stupid things and am still on the journey of life and learning what its all about! I am nearly 40 and have a 2year old boy and a husband and have (actually as of today!) started my own business as a mobile dierenarts with a Dutch girl over here, So I am very interested in meeting you dear but can I ask why no men? I am not a big fan of them either! And I'm married to one and have a male child!! (Of course I love them both madly!). I didn't recognise your flag of origin, where you from? I live in Heiloo which is only about half an hour train ride from Haaaaaarlem. :)

Oh! It wasn't you who lived in Harlem, scratch that!

Hi ladies,

I'm just arrived in Haarlem and I do need someone to spill food and say silly things with! Deal?
I'm an Italian girl, 24 years old, and I'm here to work for an international organization. I'd love to make some friends to enjoy this wonderful city!

i will come in 23 juni in amsterdam.
i would like to meet new people ;-)


Hey Alessandra, just sent you a message. Check your mailbox!

Hey Girls,

I am new in Haarlem, and also looking for some girls friends to hanhg out with and talk about girl stuff :) If anyone is intresting in meeting for drinks sometime soon, let me know :)

Enjoy your evening

Hi girls!!

Id like to meet some new girlfriends as well, if any of you is still for it, let me know! :)
looking forward to meet you!