Any au pairs out there!?

Hi ladies, I just moved to haarlem from Boston to be an au pair and I am hoping to make friends with other au pairs! Let  know if anyone is intetested in making a fun mingling/social group! :)

Hello mate

Great to hear you are in Haarlem, great City and super food. How are you getting on? All going well you're getting out and about meeting people.
There are lots of expat clubs in Haarlem if you need them which have regular gatherings. You should be able to find them all through Expatica.

Enjoy yourself and check out Expatica because that way you can find other expats that will give you a helping hand.

All the best


2nd time I have sent this. No idea why it keeps bouncing back. You may even get two of the same bloody messages, if you do I apologize :-)

Hi! My name is Svenja and I also
recently moved here :) I live in Heemstede, which is pretty close to Haarlem. So if you wanna meet up
someday just contact me! :) I'd be happy to meet new people!

Hi, I am in Haarlem and I'm from Czech rep. if you wane meet up sometimes for coffee, problem.