Looking for English Speaking for home teaching / interacting with kids

Looking for English Speaking for home teaching / interacting with kids(paid by hourly )

Looking for english speaking lady / Gentleman, who has the passion for kids and loving children, like to interacting and talking with the kids,please contact me at my mobile 159 42697 001.

Paid by houly , the price is 150RMB/hour to 400RMB/hour (price vary by the age of the child )

What you need to do :

1.baby sitting : talking and interacting with the baby ( parents will be around )

2.Teaching english: interacting/talking /playing /teaching english for the kids ( book based or just chatting with the kids, as per parents' required )

You can take the opportunity , step into the real chinese family life,build some local contacts and networks. and same time make some poket money .If you are interested , please give me a call.

*agent fee do required

Stella ( Hp- 15942697001)

Hello Stellaa.

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Could you please post an advert in the Jobs in Dalian section?

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hi, i'm interested to do a part time job in dalian. please contact me if you want a part time english tutor during weekends only from 8 am to 5 pm only.
email is
phone number is 180 4013 7741
Thank you
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