Is Ghana/Accra nice place to live?

Hi, good afternoon..
Soon I will move to Ghana. Is Ghana/Accra nice place to live?
I live now in Dubai but a few months we will move to Ghana.
Can you tell me little bit about Ghana? Is it to hot in the summer time? Is there also malaria ? Is there also many expat?

By the way I am from Indonesia and married with France man. We have 1 child. Before I had lived in Europe/ Holland since 1996.

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I go back and forth from USA to Ghana.  I am not based in Ghana yet but I will say that this is probably the best time to locate to Ghana.  Plenty of expats and significant real estate development going on.  It is hot year round.   The usual array of third world problems but easily the safest African country to live in.  You should go to and you will get plenty of help there. 

Ghana is hot all the year round and the wet season is around now so it rains quite a bit for the next month or so.
Malaria is prevalent so you will need to take precautions.
There are expats from many countries in Ghana so you should find people to socialise with.
Enjoy your stay!

Accra is a nice place to live. However, security problems are increasing (contact your embassy on that specific topic) and racism towards foreigners is strong in Ghana, whether you are black or white.
Enjoy your stay

I would personally say that relatively, it is still very safe.  I think what is happening is that in the internet era, crime is being reported more but the crime rate is still quite low.   

As for the racism.  I really would not use the term racism.  I think that at times, if you are an "outsider" you will find people who want to take advantage of you.  I think it is all about learning to select your crowd wisely.  The thing with Ghana is that there are a large number of Ghanaians who have lived in the Western World for a significant amount of time and you need to get close to such people.   There will be more of a connection there.

This is exactly what I told to my many africans friends living in Europe. We europeans are not racist and racism does not exist in Europe. It just that there are thousands of reasons to just dislike "outsiders".... :)

Very sorry to insist on this term, racism is very strong here. And what I feel is what most of the "outsiders" are feeling.

Some friends from Burkina and Togo are also reporting exactly the same unfriendly attitude. Having been in many different circles (asian, europeans and others), the same stories and feelings are quite common. It just that Ghanians and mainly those who are not "racists" do not want to accept that some of there compatriots are!

The best way to catch that unfriendly attitude is to visit the markets (makola or Medina)or to be involved in a road accident (which I do not whish!) and you will discover that police will automatically take the Ghanian side whether you are right or wrong....

Having said that, Ghanian are very polite, respectfull and friendly, no doubt about it.

I will agree that there is "pro-Ghanaian" bias when there is a conflict.  I know from having a business there.  However, I do not go as far as racism because that conotates power. One of the interesting things about Ghana is that the "outsiders" actually have a tremendous amount of power in the private sector.  In fact, in the private sector, when you are coming from abroad, once you "set the tone" with those who want to take advantage of you, there is a sort of unwritten respect you get.  I think that it would be more appropriate to say that there is in fact jealousy and envy of outsiders.  However, at the end of day, the average Ghanaian is really not going to be able to do much to you.

...and one last thing. I have been travelling a lot and it is the only country where I never observed a fight! You will see people shouting, arguing a lot, maybe even insulting each others in local language, but at the end the peacefull attitude will prevail!

A very good point for Ghana.

One of the best country to live in Africa,We live in peace here.The climate is generally hot.everybody is very friendly .Enjoy your stay.Welcome


As a woman from outside Ghana, I will tell you what I felt here. Being told Ghanians are friendly and stuff, what I felt here was abject jealousy and anger from people especially from women. My work requires me to work with women and their resistance and constant mockery is daunting to say the least. If this is not racism I dont know what else is.

yea Ghana is nice place to live. free from malaria,summer is nice,soo peacef ul and alot of opportunities

I agree that Ghana is a nice place to live but it is certainly not free of malaria. I think you might mean that there are not as many mosquitoes in the cooler months of July and August but they are still around!
I'm sorry that the previous contributor is having a tough time. There is resentment of outsiders everywhere in the world and Ghana is no different. When dealing with people as an expat one must be aware of this resentment and act accordingly.

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Didn't mean to hurt anybody's feelings. I am Sorry if I had. On a positive note I've some very good memories to carry back home. All the best to all of you. :)

Sorry !! Better No comment

I don't know where you got this information. I have been here over 3 years and have never heard of an expat adult or child being kidnapped.
I suggest you get your facts right before you make posts especially if you have never actually been here.


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nanakofi :

yea Ghana is nice place to live. free from malaria,summer is nice,soo peacef ul and alot of opportunities

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sure. seeing Ghana as an enjoyable place to live in depends on what exactly you are looking for and what your hobies are. just to tell you a little bit about ghana, it is the most peaceful and friendly country in the whole of west africa with very tolerant and accomodating people. Accra, the capiutal city has a variety of good stuff, ranging from hotels, cl;ubs, school, restaurants, roads tourist centres among others. restaurants serve all kinds of local and continental dishes and as such irrespective of where you are coming from, you will never want more than you can get. just like any other place, there are the bad issues like robbery, rough driving. i must also mention that trafick in accra is a major issues especially during rush hours like 7 am and 5 pm. be careful about some of the young men who are always looking for foreigners, especially rich ones to defraud. other major cities include takoradi, kumasi, ho, tema cape coast, tamale, wa, koforidua among others. lots of expats in ghana, majority being British and americans lebanese, nigerians indians. majority are businessmen and charity workers. great beaches and mountains for sight seeing. mail me- amelorkuwilsonamey[at] if i can be of help.

accra  ghana  welcomes a  ghanian  and  will  sure  u  ghana  is  now  the  safest  country  in  westafrica....  regards  ..

Yes Accra is a nice place to live. There are luxurious hotels and restaurants at affordable prices to provide you shelter and food during your stay.

Again, the people of Ghana is friendly and treat expats well, everybody eager to teach, educate and sensitize expats about their knowledge of the capital city and the whole country as a whole.

Moreover, the capital city is located at  the coast and beaches / resort,  like the Labadi beach, is but just a place you will love to visit.

You will want to visit places like cultural centre, independence sqaure etc.

Malaria is not rampant in ghana. you and your family will enjoy your stay.

Please I need a private driver in Ghana.
Do you have any details or information on how to get a driver.chauffeur.

I suggest you look for recommendations on or on Ghana International Expats on Facebook

Hi, do you have any websites for cab drivers will be coming over for a day.

There is Uber in Accra

Lol Ghana is not just nice , its awesome

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