metal detecting and gold prospecting

hi everyone, iam currently living in taipei, but i often go prospecting with my metal detector around the ruifang area, looking for some gold nuggets, old coins, relics and what evere ( even if 90% of what i find is trash ) but it is a beautifull way i found to discover such beautifull areas.
so if someone is interested and do have a metal detector, we might organise some crazy trip.
enjoy guys

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thanks m8.
it seems that everyone here is most interested by going to karaoke and pubs.
a bit weirdooo

thanks m8.
it seems that everyone here is most interested by going to karaoke and pubs.
a bit weirdooo

Well you could tell them the rewards are high, then maybe they may come with you.. :D

So what's the probability of you finding gold nuggets in Taipei.?  if its less than 10%, i know i'd like to be in the pub downing some beer too :lol:

good luck in your quest ;) :P


hi Jazzy, i understand your point of view. actually in taipei' you will digg for so much trash. in the ruifang area, it is much more cleaner and i do digg for a lot of trash too... if it was that easy, anyone buy a metal detector and go digging for gold and relics.
terrain study is important and actually only the old generation still pan for gold in the keelung river.
it is estimated that in the ruifang area (juifen, chinkuashih, there is still more than 400 billions nt$ worth of gold) and in hualien area ( more than 20 millions ounces)
u cn check this blog , it is a taiwanese who snipfor gold in ruifang... always got some

so gain, it is not only about the gold, i like to say it but there is still plenty over this island.
enjoy ur beer m8

my first gold find!!! so  exciting.
still gold in some area....

Hi, I have been here for about a year.   I am very interested in purchasing a detector.   I would be interested in going with you.    Obviously, I first need to land a good detector.    I have looked on line for places here in Taipei that sell them.   Not having much luck.    Do you know of any places that sell them here?    thanks, Dan    danincalii[at]

hi again Dan... we already know each other ( u sent me a couple of mails through my website.. u know. "the smarta.." dude.
i receive many emails from so many persons willing to buy a MD and i was just expected you to introduce yourself. :)
concerning your demand, you need to know from now why you want to buy a MD and for which purpose.
there is a trading company selling some on taipei but it is ridiculously expensive.
i have got mine online (
great staff and good price
cheers bro

I apologize for the comment.   I was just looking for some help getting started.   I will look on the website you suggested.   thanks, Dan

I just found that metal detecting is far more difficult than I think. Besides owning a good metal detector, the most important thing is that you should be very patient. Because you will find much more scraps than treasures.

Hi guys I was hoping to find some places in Asia where to go gold detecting.

Would anyone have similar interests with some good locations.

Regards Zakman

I run a GPX 5000

I have some great contact for Wholesale gold and relic detectors if any one is interested.

I am also a metal detectorist, I live in Taichung right now where I hunt local parks with my Tesoro Vaquero, I would like to take it out for some prospecting also in the mountains maybe (Its not specifically a gold machine but with manual ground balance it can be used anywhere basically)

So if you are interested in doing some metal detecting together it would be lots of fun, we could trade experiences and knowledge, or even organize a prospecting trip...

I have another detector, a Garret ace 250 in Germany but I will get it to Taiwan when I fly back for visit in June so if anybody else wants to come along and doesn`t have a detector,from June on I could lend  / sell them that detector which is a great starting machine...

Hope to hear from you, just PM me or email me



Hi Ben Ive emailed you

Marcus Love to go hunting

okay, got it, wrote you back already!

I think digging through trash sounds really interesting and if you can find some gold nuggets then all the better. How much does a decent metal detector cost? And, what is the total estimated worth of all your finds to date?

Hi Mike using a detector for relics coins and gold is a really interesting Hobby Hobbies reward people in different ways some are in a monetary  way others in self satisfaction. Personally I have invested more than I have found but I have enjoyed the anticipation of discovering that really important ( valuable )  find much more.

If you are invested in detaching I suggest you spend a few hours on Utube looking at different areas of detecting  Google finding coins with a detector finding gold with a detector etc.
Which it comes down to purchasing a detector buyt hen more expensive that you can afford.
When walk around a really good place waving a detector and miss half of what is there.
Mike when your ready I can help you get a good detector at a very good price almost wholes]ale in fact.

Good luck with you hunting.
The Zakman

Anyone out there that likes to Metal Detect give me a shout.


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I suggest you start a new topic on the Taipei forum while introducing yourself and share a few words on your hobby so that members get in touch. This thread has been inactive for years, the participants as well, so i am closing it.

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