US citizen to Estonia

For a US citizen who would like to move to Estonia, was wondering if there are any jobs that do not require any college degree? But does have a High School Diploma. It would have to support a family of three and could get by just moving there.

there are not many jobs here, possibly teaching English is the only thing I can think of. what are your qualifications and why would you want to come to Estonia?

It's beautiful, safe, there is just too much about Estonia that is amazing.
He did not finish college so it would have to be somethign that does not require a diploma. :)

Typically it isn't easy to get a job here without a college degree. Estonia does what it can to protect the local job market, so before you can even begin to work here, you have to bring some proof of your education and training credentials. Which is usually an apostilled copy of your University Degree, which would need to be approved by the Department of State for your state before it is accepted in Estonia as a legally binding document internationally.

If you have no college degree and cannot speak the local language or Russian then you will have less than 5% chance of getting a job and/or approval of your living permit to work and live here. Most jobs that require English, also require a college education. These documents have to be brought to the migration office once you have been accepted for a job.

I know it sounds kind of harsh, but I think it is important to be well aware and realistic of this situation.