What's the average salary for software engineer in Estonia(Tallinn)

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I had my 1st interview with the Tallinn software company. Since I'm from Sri Lanka I have no idea about the living cost and salary range. I would like to know what's the salary range for a software engineer.

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A Google search shows average salary is $33,160/year. Hourly rate of $13.93.
I suggest you check it out online. There is quite a range in salaries.

@stumpy Thanks for message, I've checked that, I'm wondering whether that's enough for 2 people to spend normal life

Hello,  I don't have any friends in this area, but I think around 2000 euros.

thanks :) . is it a net or gross?



Though the post is a bit old and you may not need this info anymore, but I can put down some figures based on my experience for people who might need the same in the future.

The gross salary is based on experience (and designation offered) and hence will vary from person to person. However, for a Software Developer with five/six years of experience, you can get a salary somewhere in between 2000 to 2500 Euros (gross) per month. For a gross salary of 2000 Euros, the net salary will be approx 1550 Euros (will vary based on pension and tax calculations) and for a gross salary of 2500 Euros, the net salary will be approximately 1930 Euros.

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check this website.

https://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/c … y2=Tallinn