Looking for a Native Speaker for English Language Lessons in Tallinn

I am looking for a person who could spend sometime (1 hour/2 hours per week with me speaking on English,  walking, having lunch. My purpose for this moment to improve my verbal lang. with a native speakers (English).

Could it be interesting for you? May be you know someone who can be interesting in such job?

Thank you in advance for the answer.



Hello and welcome to Expat.com Anna :cheers:

I invite you to drop an advert in the section below to increase your chances to find a tutor. There is one old advert in that section..you may also contact that tutor to see how she can help :

> Language classes in Tallinn


Kenjee, thanks! :top:

Maybe I can help, my name is Christopher, I am English and have lived here for 10 years

Dear Anna,
I am a Sri Lankan,   interested in coming to Estonia for higher studies next year.
Can you sahare some informatio relevant to new comers
Kind regards

Hi Anneliska

Can we barter Estonian for English?

raun cesar wrote:

Hi Anneliska

Can we barter Estonian for English?

You're responding on a somewhat old topic, you might not get a response other than mine :)  Also, I'd recommend you follow Kenjee's post above for better results.

Expat.com Experts Team


I don't know if you have found help yet.  I am a native speaker and give lessons.  Contact me if you are interested. 

Thank you,