Dear all
I am a biologist and I am looking for a job in Tallinn, in a hospital, University or private clinical analysis center.
Could you help me??

Many thanks


Hi Chiara and welcome to!

I suggest you to post an advert in Tallinn classifieds > Jobs section, this may be helpful.;)


Ciao Chiara!

First thing first, what other languages do you speak?
Si vuoi puoi cercare un lavoro su questo site  qui pero gli annunci sono nella lingua estoniana. Si hai problemi con loro puoi chiedere mio aiuto ;)

In bocca al lupo! :D

A little translation for those who don't understand anubyus?;)


@Harmonie I said something about where she might find some job offers and that if she has troubles I could help her,all of that in Italian ;)

Thanks guys ,
but I din't find any jobs suitable for me :(