Au pair arrangements

dear all,
i am relocating to tallinn very shortly and have found a very nice au pair girl who will join me and my family there.
i was now wondering if there is any information out there what arrangements i have to make for her health insurance - she said she has asked for a EU medical pass from her home country in finland - maybe then her health insurance might be covered already by that? and what about pocket money? are there any suggestions what might be a fair amount of money i should provide her with?

hoping to hear from someone with information,
thanks and cheers,


It is a little difficult to understand your question entirely... but I'll try.

Medical: Estonia recognizes EU medical pass for health insurance coverage for EU citizens who are covered in their home country. Non-EU citizens will need to purchase private health insurance.

Pocket Money: Is this Au Pair girl working part or full-time?
If you are paying her, the full-time minimum wage in Estonia is roughly 400EUR. Maybe that will help you make a decision.

dear cjacobs86,
thank you for fast response and you quite answered what i wanted to know.
the au pair will be working part time and the amount of the minimum wage will indeed help me to come up with a reasonable "pocket money".