Just about to hit Tallinn running....


I just ran across this site while roaming the www looking for jobs in estonia.  By the way Admins, thanks for running this site it has been helpful!

I'm about to touch down in Tallin on january 17th and will be looking from day 1 for a job.  Anything will do for now just need to get that employment first and foremost. 

For those interested my skills are most proficient in customer service, retail, bartending, serving, teaching, and a wonderful knowledge of the english language and conversational spanish!

If there's somebody who resides in or around tallinn and could point me in the right direction for where to go to find a job once ive arrived (city areas, specific businesses, offices of employment)  I'd really be appreciative for that information.  My CV is on request and is worth taking a look at!

For all those who would be interested in meeting up I say lets do it!!!! 

Thanks everyone who reads this and a big thank you again to the site admins....look forward to hearing from the estonian expats!!!


tere David!

depending on your qualifications you could try to find something in the pubs/bars from the city center but the fact that you don't speak Estonian might prove to be a disadvantage ...anyway you should give it a try.
Also you can try o find a job here

good luck !

Thanks Anubyus for the advice,

I definitely spent more than a couple hours between that site and another one which was posted in an earlier thread finding plenty of positions which to me seem highly promising.  If i can find a substantial volume of opportunity before i've even arrived things look very hopeful.

I will definitely do a bar job crawl when i get there.  I'd like to find work in the old town defintely and hopefully some part-time tutoring on the side.

wow, just landed in tallinn two days ago.  what a beautiful city in the snow and ice!  already have volunteer job at the hostel im staying at so thats covers the rent until i find a paying job.