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hey, guys
just arrived HCMC one week ago, does anyone know how to get a motorbike licence and where to buy a relative cheap motor?

thx so much


I followed this process to get my licence:

I'm not sure how accurate it is now as things change here.

Plenty of places to buy bikes, check out craigslist or if you can read Viet(or have afriend help) check out 5giay website.

if you already have driving licence from your origin country, you can transfer it into vietnamese driving license. what you need only
1. Translate your origin driving license into vietnamese using legal translator
2. paspor
3. photo (2 x 3 cm)
4. registration form

it might you need vietnamese who can help you doing all the process since most of officer don't understand

thx, guys

I have one honda Wave only $280
Wave blue lady owner
good engine, smooth run.
new battery should be very easy to start the engine and lighting.
email: nganmotor[at]

hey, thx
can you send me the photo? i wanna to have a look first


Dear All,

i am new in HCMC and wanna get a driving License.
seeking guidance.


Hi ! I'm in the process of getting a license myself. After the translation place I just have to drop of the paper work at the license place. But u have to pick up the forms first then get a translation. Good luck

Really appreciate your support

actually i am living in phu my hung,
where is license place, Is it in Dist 1


License place to get the forms is 252 LyChinh Thang District 3 and the translation p,ace is20 Tran Cao Van district 1

252 Ly Chinh Thang St. District 3 I meant for the license

how much it costs  and how many days

raf12345 do you have a valid Vietnamese residence permit?

I Dont have
but i have my international licence.
what is possibility

none till you get residence permit....

I Think i can get

I was told by my fren at the translation she paid 112,000 but I only paid 70,000 coz I guess there's wasn't too much to translate on my California drivers license. Then when u go to the license place my fren sed she paid 30,000

is it possible i can get license even having a business Visa

It took two days for the translation to get done. Then u drop off the forms at the license after u fill them up. And after a few days they let u know when if u have to take a driving test or u just pick up your license. That's all my fren did. You will need 1 3cm x 4 cm pic and 3 smaller sizes.

really thanks

i hope now i can get :)


All that matters is u have a drivers license for
Them to translate then from there on after dropping all the needed paper work. They will ask you to come back. They don't question about Visa. I'm going best week to drop off my paper work. I'll let u know what happens =)

will wait for your feed back

I got my licence converted on a 3 month tourist visa without any issues.

I had my Texas auto licence about 90% converted to motorbike licence. I only had to pass driving test.
I got both my Vietnamese car and motorbike licence for about 100usd. I just gave my wife's friend a copy of my passport and my Texas drivers licence and he set up everything, he even got me to the front of the line to take motorbike driving test which was nice as it was very crowded that day.

Vietnam is still a country that if you have a little money you can get about anything you want done. You just have to know the right people.
I could have done this by myself for much cheaper but I was happy to pay it just to eliminate the hassle.

How was the driving test? I'm planning to drive a motorbike. How long did it take? Do they make you drive on the streets with other motorbikes?

test took less than 5 minutes and involved driving in a figure 8 and over a short course. Figure 8 part was the hardest part.

Oh ok. I better start practicing on that 8 lol. My friend was lucky, she didn't have to take the test coz her UK license said she's ok to drive motorbike.

Thanks for the info. I'm dropping off my forms tomorrow to see what happens.

The reason it is so hard is that even though it doesn't look narrow in this photo it really is. and you can not drive on the outline

Yikes haha! That's really hard !  Thanks for the info. Did u pass right away? How many times di u have to go thought that 8?

Got it on the first official try. You can go early and practice as much as you want.

Oh ok cool! Thanks for the info

Vietnam Driving Test Video

I only have a driving licence and would like to get both the driving and riding licence in HCMC.

Anyone has a contact who can get it all done and converted (and bump me up the test line) for a small fee? Oh oh, is the test bike auto or manual?

Pls PM me? Coming in mid june.

Thanks everyone!

You dont need a residence card to get a license, a 3 month visa will get you one. That is unless they have changed the laws in the last few years.

Yes Dear,

you are right its east to convert your license


For the actual license, does it have a picture on it? Do they take a picture of you or use what they give you? In Thailand they take a new picture, just wanted to check.

They will take a pic of you. When you apply on the day

Wish I ran into this forum 3 years ago lol!
I was in HCM and had no clue how to change my dutch drivers license into a vietnamese one. People were very friendly so it all worked out fine. Got 4 pages of A4 format filled with signatures :)
I was told my motor license was legal for lifetime, but my car license would expel in 5 years. Is this true?
Where can I extend my car drivers license? WIll go back to Vietnam later this year.

Thanks for the help

piertje :

I was told my motor license was legal for lifetime, but my car license would expel in 5 years. Is this true?

Check the dates printed on your licence, it shows the expiration dates clearly on mine.

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